What is Lorem Ipsum?

That is exactly what Lorem Ipsum is all about. It means mock text, placeholder text, or dummy text which is typically incomprehensible to anyone. Even if you understand Latin, the words are often jumbled together without any attempt at forming real sentences. Designers use Lorem Ipsum as a tool while designing print, magazine, and web layouts to see how their design will look to the end consumer. Web Designers in particular are one of the most common users of Lorem Ipsum today, to produce text-centric designs without producing the copy text of the end product. Lorem Ipsum generators are used to easily fill-in areas of a print or web design to evaluate the flow and styles of the fonts for the eventual end product (which is typically replaced with real content by someone other than the designer). Use Best Ipsum to quickly produce Lorem Ipsum with a simple rich text editor, allowing you to style your text in various font sizes and styles. If so desired, you can also copy the generated lorem ipsum as HTML for your web project.

Origin of Lorem Ipsum

It wasn’t website designers who brought this type of text into being. In fact Lorem Ipsum is much older than the web itself; it dates back to 1st century BC! Initially Lorem Ipsum referred to a scrambled section of “ De finibus Bonorum et Malorum ” (meaning – on the ends of good and evil). The series of five books was the work of a roman politician cum philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicerio.

Uses for Lorem Ipsum

It’s not only websites with responsive text/templates who can use this to make their product better designed, magazine and print designers can also use Lorem Ipsum to properly place content on their pages so that their readers can properly consume their text with ease and optimal readability. Playing with different fonts (serif and sand serif) can help a designer produce a design with text that is soothing to the eyes of your readers. By using Lorem Ipsum you can quickly experiment with different styles, while maintaining an appearance of text that approximates real content. By making a mock page for your blog and experimenting on it with Lorem Ipsum text can help you unravel various approaches of placing pictures in your blog post. However Lorem Ipsum is definitely something you can use to make your text well structured and aesthetically pleasing. In fact a study suggests that 2/3 of online readers would prefer reading something beautifully designed, than something which plain or poorly designed.